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  • IMPORTANT INFO! Due to server maintenance, no DPK-download (Digital Product Key) will be possible on Sunday early morning, January 21st (From 3:00h to 5:00h C.E.T. / 5:00h to 7:00h Arabian Standard Time).
  • IMPORTANT INFO FOR XML INTERFACE USERS! This info is for those, who are using the XML interface for credit requests: from now on a delivery note-number and line-number is mandatory for credit requests. Therefore new webservice "_orderAnnouncedParts2" is available, which supports new nodes "DeliveryNoteNumber" and "DeliveryNoteLineNo".
  • If you need support for Weblord issues, please contact!
    For spare part issues only please contact: for CP(TV) for CS B2C for CS B2B

Partsordering News

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